Fifine T732 USB Condenser Microphone Kit


Fifine T732 USB Condenser Microphone Kit Features

  • 7 Days Checking Warranty
  • Plug and Play – No need extra driver or sound card, no waiting. Great gift for gamers and youtubers.
  • Cardioid Microhpone – Nice focused pickup and great noise rejection.
  • Extended Frequency Response – Performed perfectly in reproducing sound.
  • Adjustable Boom Arm – Offering 360° rotation to get the best pickup.
  • Flexible Pop Filter – Reduces the pops noise and improves the sound quality.
  • Long USB Cable – Enough to thread along the scissor arm to a computer.
  • Note: The mic gain is set to a high level in the default setting. Please adjust the input level of your computer to achieve the desired loudness. This mic bundle could mount to the desk that is up to 2 inch (thickness).


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Fifine T732 USB Condenser Microphone Kit

Fifine T732 USB Condenser Microphone Kit Description

Fifine T732 USB Condenser Microphone Kit Features:

Fifine T732 USB Condenser Microphone Kit Accessories

  • It is recommended to kick off your recording or streaming career by using an all-in-one bundle, even if you are on a tight budget to afford one. The accessories are not swagger, they help you edge ahead. Just like the Fifine T732.
  • Judging from the price alone, it is no way near the cheapest range. But in terms of what you get for the money, it is an absolute bargain. It saves you time and money when compared to buying everything individually.
  • Convenience comes next. Apart from the fact that everything you need is in the box already, the microphone itself is also a USB type. Thus you are guaranteed a fool-proof installation on Windows, Mac or even Play Station (incompatible with Xbox). Thus you can hook up and get going in just minutes.
  • User-friendly features sneak up during use. A dual-layer pop filter is essential for recording explosive-free vocals. A shock mount offers the ultimate protection against vibration when you get excited in streaming and boom the desk.
  • But it is still the Ace – a scissor arm stand that you can expect to steal the show for you. It keeps everything neat and efficient. You do not have to do the set-up every single time, or to worry about the cable management, just pull the arm into the frame or sway it aside. All in all, these combine to make the T732 one of the best studio microphone kits available for the price.

What a spot-on microphone bundle should be

  • It is a similar package to the much-loved T669 and K780A but offering an even more affordable option. Again T732 comes complete with a microphone, but in this case, the mic itself is a brand new one. It has blended the clarity of T669 and the warm tone from K780A, making it a more balanced microphone.
  • If you need a bit more versatility for a run-and-gun style of recording, FIFINE T732 is the ONE for you. It uses a larger – 16mm capsule to have a more engaging sound and includes a mini tripod and an anti-wind cap for easy setup during trips.
  • Why you want one in your home studio? Because it is the all-day all-rounder for various applications. It is compatible with popular recording, streaming and conferencing platforms. Just choose it as a default input under the software setting, and you are ready to rock!
  • To match that convenience, a slim but tough all-metal housing is made compact to carry around. Not completely indestructible, but it could still survive the mic drop test.

The sound quality is hard to fault for its price

  • We are not going to pretend that it has an excellent off-axis rejection as most dynamic mics and some pro-grade condenser mics cost you at least a few hundred bucks do. But with a decently low self-noise level and an included arm stand to get noise sources further away from the mic, it is pretty capable of reproducing clean soundings.
  • All FIFINE microphones are renowned for a more sensitive response, this T732 is not exceptional. Its ability to pick up the high frequencies makes it ideal for streaming with the clearest voice. And it does not stop there. As a V-shaped microphone, it has some punch in the low-end for a deep radio sound when podcasting.
  • In a nutshell, this entry-level microphone kit with the lowest price tag among all FIFINE microphone bundles can easily be one of the best options for you to start streaming, podcasting or even voice-over.


  usb microphone kit usb microphone kit RGB Gaming Microphone Kit K651 usb dynamic gaming microphone
  Studio Microphone (T669) Studio Microphone (T732) RGB Gaming Microphone Kit (A6T) Dynamic Gaming Mic with RGB Shock Mount (K651)
Acoustic Principle Condenser Condenser Condenser Dynamic
Shock Mount incl. ✓ (RGB Shock Mount)
Gain Control    
Pop Filter  
Connector Type USB A USB A USB A USB A


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