Fifine Ampligame AM8 XLR/USB Dynamic RGB Gaming Microphone


Fifine Ampligame AM8 XLR/USB Dynamic RGB Gaming Microphone Features

  • 3 Months Warranty
  • [Natural Audio Clarity] Operated with frequency response of 50Hz-16KHz, the podcasting XLR mic delivers balanced audio range, likely to resonate with your audience. 
  • [XLR Connection Upgrade-Ability] Well-connected and noise-free operation, the podcasting microphone, studio recording microphone grows alongside your studio setup equipment, like sound cards and mixers, which improves vocal speaking audio flexibility to make you explore various types of music recording singing. 
  • [USB Connection with Handy Mute] Skip the hassle of setting something up and plug the cable to play the dynamic USB microphone directly, which suits for beginner creators or professionals’ daily podcast or conference work. 
  • [Soothing Controllable RGB] RGB ring on the desktop gaming microphone for PC, with 3 modes and more than 10 light colors collection, matches your PC gears accessories for amazing synergy even in dim room. 
  • [More Function Keys] Computer microphone with headphones jack upgrades your rhythm game experience and get feedback whether the real-time voice your audience hear as expected. Get the desired level via monitoring volume control when gaming recording. 
  • [Multiple Scene Use] The XLR/USB PC gaming microphone is a one stop shop to pull duties for both play and work, streaming, podcast, broadcast recording. Use the standing desktop microphone for gaming at home studio or take it on the go. 

Original price was: ₨ 20,500.Current price is: ₨ 18,000.

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Fifine Ampligame AM8 XLR/USB Dynamic RGB Gaming Microphone

Fifine Ampligame AM8 XLR/USB Dynamic RGB Gaming Microphone Fifine Ampligame AM8 XLR/USB Dynamic RGB Gaming Microphone Fifine Ampligame AM8 XLR/USB Dynamic RGB Gaming Microphone

Fifine Ampligame AM8 XLR/USB Dynamic RGB Gaming Microphone Overview

FIFINE XLR/USB Streaming Recording Microphone

Fifine AM8 with the honor of red dot design award 2023 winner product, the podcast microphone dynamic with XLR and USB connector pulls dual duty for play and work, coming with RGB, mute button, gain knob, headphones jack and monitoring vol. knob. Start using USB podcast microphone with USB connection, and ready to XLR setup by XLR streaming mic. Studio recording microphone rejects unwanted noise to make your audio sounds stable and clear. Soothing RGB lights bring vitality to your live broadcast. We drive home the practice of a dynamic microphone that is best suited for an untreated environment unless you have a super deep voice by releasing an easy-to-use K688 and AmpliGame AM8. This latest one goes further into the gamers’ world with the Ace up its sleeve – the FPS-increasing RGB stripe at the bottom of the mic and even better noise-rejection at the core of its features but without stretching the budget much.

Streaming Gaming Desktop Mic with RGB Lights

Fifine AM8, podcasting microphone, featured with 3 kinds of RGB modes, including dynamic RGB flowing, breathing gradient and single color choice, presents more than 10 colors. Dynamic microphone USB built with soothing RGB matches your PC making amazing synergy and brings vitality to live streaming. Worked with RGB control, RGB on USB podcast microphone can be chosen and turned on/off. Configured memory function, dynamic USB mic eliminates repeated selections to bring itself alive when power on again.

Metal Yoke Mount & Stand Base

The yoke holds the mic, and in order to always have the top-addressed position no matter what kind of mic stand you use, it also allows you to turn the mic all the way around. Don’t forget the crucial accessory hiding underneath the foam protection of the package – the stand! Not the arm type, but the sturdy base with the anti-slide pad that gives good stability. You can get the AM8 to work right away without extra spending.

Two Types of Thread in One Mount

Once you want to up your game with an XLR setup, the bulky connector will make a boom arm become necessary and the yoke also fits that kind of mic stand perfectly. With both the 3/8” and 5/8” threads inside the mount, you do not have to find a tiny little box to save the boom arm adapter.

Foam Cover

The included foam cover plays a part in better audio reproduction in two ways: diffusing some of the air blowing to reduce the sibilance from a harsh voice and keeping you a little bit further away from excessive bass from the proximity effect. If the plosives are not mellowed out in your case, position the microphone 45 degrees off-axis and talk past it, you will get a pretty similar effect of using a massive foam cover but without its shortfall of blocking some part of your face.

Get Going with USB

The idea of the USB & XLR combo connection is that you do not have an audio interface necessarily at the very beginning and the USB mode is capable of guiding you through the whole phase of learning microphone technique.

Up the Future Game with XLR

But you might have the need of breaking through the USB limitation later on, the XLR setup makes it possible. Together they also provide a budget audio solution for a two-PC setup because you can use both connections at the same time.

Fool-proof Plug-and-play

USB connection is the meat and potatoes of the FIFINE AM8, but it is far from tasteless and dull (in both features and audio terms). Hook up the USB with your PC, Mac or even Play Station console, hold on seconds for the auto-installation of the driver, fire up the RGB with the control button and you are ready to rock and roll!

Touch-sensitive Mute

Now throw the light on a couple of more practical features. Since you need to speak from the top, which side is the front and which is the back depends on whether you are an all-set-to-go user or a gamer who would like to fiddle with the settings through physical dials. Assuming you are the former one, a much cleaner surface with only the touch-mute button and the indicator is perfect for you. It is such a pain to search around to find the right key to mute yourself, especially when you need to do it fast and precisely, a touch-sensitive button makes the whole thing a lot easier.

The Versatility can’t be Beaten

XLR does not have the power capability to turn on the shining RGB, but it definitely has the ability to make your voice brighter instead and give more flexibility in terms of connections and usage. All these mean that the AmpliGame AM8 can help you move into something more professional in the future. It is not necessarily to be connected to a mixer or an audio interface that we normally see (which is not included, nor the XLR cable), but also can be hooked up to a camera preamp for recording video with much better sound quality, or to a portable recorder to get more isolated audio on the go.


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