ID-Cooling Space SL240 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler with LCD – White


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ID-COOLING SPACE SL240 is a line of liquid cooling products for computer processors. This helps dissipate heat more effectively than traditional air cooling, especially when you want to increase system performance or make your computer more stable under heavy load situations.

  • Premium AIO Cooler: A premium liquid CPU cooler for gaming and high-performance computing systems with a personalized LCD display.
  • 2.1″ LCD Dashboard: Customize your own images or performance metrics on a 2.1″ LCD dashboard with 480×480 resolution.
  • Customize & Control: The space software enables you to switch between a variety of display options such as fan speeds, CPU temps, images, GIFs, and more.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: A premium AIO cooler can blend seamlessly into many PC cases, especially those with black or dark-colored interiors.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: A premium AIO cooler can blend seamlessly into many PC cases, especially those with black or dark-colored interiors.
  • Powerful Pump: The upgraded pump provides powerful and low-noise cooling for your CPU. | Pump Speed: 0 – 2500RPM±10%
  • FDB Fans: The two AF127 fans equipped with FDB bearings provide quieter operation and stable performance output.
  • Extreme Cooling: The 120mm case fan delivers improved air pressure and airflow for extreme cooling. | Max. Air Pressure: 2.68mmH2O | Max. Air Flow: 78CFM
  • Simple Cable Management: The fans connect each device to the next with its daisy chain connector, this can reduce clutter and make cable management simpler.


Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Available on backorder

ID-Cooling SL240 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler with LCD – White Overview

ID-Cooling Space SL240 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler - White Description

ID-Cooling Space SL240: A Premium Liquid CPU Cooler with LCD Display

If you are looking for a high-performance and stylish liquid CPU cooler for your gaming or computing system, you might want to check out the ID-Cooling Space SL240. This cooler features a 2.1-inch LCD display that can show images or performance metrics of your system, such as fan speeds, CPU temperatures, or even GIFs. You can customize the display with the space software that comes with the cooler.

Features and Specifications

The ID-Cooling Space SL240 is compatible with Intel and AMD sockets, including the latest AM5 and LGA1700. It has a TDP of 300W, which means it can handle powerful processors without overheating. The cooler consists of a pump, a 240mm radiator, and two 120mm ARGB fans.

The pump has a ceramic bearing and a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. It has an adjustable speed of 0-2500 RPM and a noise level of 25 dB(A). The pump also has ARGB lighting on the sides that can sync with your motherboard or run in rainbow mode.

The radiator is made of aluminum and has a dimension of 276x120x27mm. It comes with premium sleeved tubing that is 400mm long. The tubing is flexible and durable, allowing you to install the cooler in various positions.

The fans are fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fans that have a speed range of 500-2000 RPM. They have a maximum airflow of 78 CFM and a maximum static pressure of 2.68 mmH2O. They also have ARGB lighting that can match the pump or create different effects.

Why Choose the ID-Cooling Space SL240?

The ID-Cooling Space SL240 is not only a powerful and reliable liquid CPU cooler, but also a unique and eye-catching one. The LCD display adds a touch of personality and customization to your system, allowing you to show off your favorite images or monitor your system performance. The ARGB lighting also enhances the aesthetics of your build, creating a stunning visual impact.

The ID-Cooling Space SL240 is available in black or white color options, so you can choose the one that suits your case and preferences. You can also find this cooler at PC Lab, a computer store in Pakistan that offers quality products and services at affordable prices. PC Lab is your one-stop shop for all your computing needs, whether you are looking for components, accessories, laptops, or desktops.

If you want to upgrade your cooling system with a premium liquid CPU cooler with LCD display, look no further than the ID-Cooling Space SL240. You can order it online from PC Lab or visit their store to see it in person. You will not regret choosing this cooler for your system.


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